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“It is the most incredible feeling in the world, and actually birthing your own baby into your own hands- just, wow!”

Hi Kristy, Well I finally gave birth, a day after my due date, yesterday morning after 5 hours of home labour! I was amazingly close to everything I envisioned in class. I did use my body a bit, using squatting, all fours for a few of the contractions but it felt very intuitive and natural. […]

Skin Condition Information session

Do you want to treat your family naturally from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis? Whilst some topical based creams work wonderfully to HIDE the symptom, they don’t actually address the problem. Learn some life changing information that will help you understand how to treat the cause of these conditions without using harmful […]

Natural Family Health- September 16th

WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR FAMILIES HEALTH NATURALLY? Are you and your family thriving or surviving? Are you lacking energy, feeling flat or just know you can improve your health? Do you have a child with allergies/intolerances, hay fever, asthma, skin conditions, poor immune, constipation, urinary infections, learning difficulties etc? Are you tired of just managing […]

Adelaide Midwife

My HypnoBirthing story 5/10/2011

My Hypnobirth with Ivy Mae I woke up Friday morning feeling a little grumpy and over being pregnant. I felt I had a great pregnancy and this was unusual for me. For the past two weeks I had experienced practise-labour on almost a daily basis and was always wondering if that was going to be […]