“We continue to reap the rewards everyday with our calm, secure, happy baby boy.”

Hi Kristy,
I know its been a long time coming but I just wanted to write and thank you for your Hypnobirthing course. It certainly changed the way that our son Jed was born. At the time we came to you, I wanted to home birth and my husband Jarrad was undecided. By the end of the course he was telling anyone who listened that birth was a natural process and that you didn’t need to be in hospital to give birth. This from my formerly pro hospital, pro intervention husband. Amazing!

As we prepared for Jed’s imminent arrival the hypnobirthing helped us to stay calm and informed. As I went over Jarrad’s workmates would ask how he stayed so calm and wasn’t stressed and J, would reply that the baby would come in its own time when it was ready. I too felt calm and completely at ease leaving it up to Jed to choose the time he arrived.

Unfortunately because I went so far over my due dates, the dr’s started to get nervous, and wanted me to be induced. However, my midwife who knew what I wanted, advocated for me, and kept the doctors at bay. At ten days past my due date, we started to have to have scans to check on the health of the baby and while they showed that the baby’s heart rate was fine, there were concerns that the amniotic fluid was getting low, and they were starting to get worried about merconium in the fluid. At this point induction was again mentioned, and we were also told that at ten days over I was not able to give birth at home. We questioned the decision, and went over the paperwork and information that we had been given and were able to successfully argue for four more days within which we could have a home birth as we had been given the statewide policy which stated that we could. During our interactions at the hospital, we asked to be left undisturbed by the two doctors on duty who wanted to ‘talk’ to us about our options.

In the end at 41 weeks and two days we consented to the breaking of the waters, as the next day was the last day that I would be able to birth at home. We felt that given our interactions at the hospital, that with a hospital birth past that and the monitoring required, we would be subjected to a lot of pressure regarding interventions that we may not be able to fight while I was in labour. and that this would lead to many interventions being applied both during the birth and after the birth.

After 13 1/2 hours of labour Jed was born at 10.30 the following morning. I was told by one midwife it was the calmest labour she had ever been to.  Jed was born into water and was calm from the very first moment. He was caught by me and I held him skin to skin for as we needed with all his checks done on me as we had asked. When everyone had left we all went to sleep in our own bed, in our own house. Perfect for us.

Over the next few weeks I am sure Jeds calm arrival at home had a positive impact on us all. We never had to deal with staff constantly interrupting us in the hospital as we tried to bond as a family of three, or make the transition to home. Jed was just there, where he belonged.

Thankyou so much for this gift. We continue to reap the rewards everyday with our calm, secure, happy baby boy. We have a will continue to recommend your course to anyone who will listen.

Skye and Jarrad.