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Why choose Instinctual Birthing?


HypnoBirthing Experience
Kristy Cook is a Registered Nurse/Midwife and a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner in Adelaide with more than 10 years experience. As a midwifery educator, Kristy offers experience in the hustle and bustle of a modern large city hospital or through her own experience of hypnobirthing at home with her second child brings a personal experience to Hypnobirthing in Adelaide.


HypnoBirthing Media
We have been featured in South Australian Homebirth Magazine, Adelaide Baby Bargains, SAFM Radio and Nine News Adelaide and listed on Today Tonight - Channel 7 as an authority on HypnoBirthing in Adelaide! Kristy is a key presenter on fertility, health and birthing throughout Adelaide. Kristy on Nine News


Hypnobirthing Adelaide
Book HypnoBirthing classes with a certified practitioner who has used this method to birth her own baby. Kristy Cook is a registered Nurse, trained as a Midwife and Certified 'Mongan Method' Hypnobirthing Practitioner in Adelaide, South Australia. Hypnobirthing Adelaide has now a jewel in the crown.

ADELAIDE Hypnobirthing

Introducing KRISTY COOK

Adelaide HypnoBirthing Practitioner | Nurse | Business Woman | Health Advocate & Coach | Mum | Wife | Sister | Auntie

Adelaide Midwife

Kristy Cook is a well qualified and certified Nurse / ex trained Midwife and HypnoBirthing Practitioner in Adelaide, South Australia, with over 10 years experience in the public health sector.

Kristy is passionate about offering women education on natural child birth using HypnoBirthing in Adelaide – The Mongan HypnoBirth® Method.

Kristy has successfully educated many woman to use the power of self-hypnosis (HypnoBirthing®) and the techniques of The Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing to birth naturally – free of drugs and interventions. Kristy has also successfully educated women to use HypnoBirthing after having a Caesarian birth for their previous children / child.

HypnoBirthing works!
If learnt properly and practiced well, with help from a professional HypnoBirthing practitioner, women can empower themselves to get the birth they deserve and desire, free of fear and tension.

Kristy successfully HypnoBirthed her second daughter (Ivy) at home, with an independent midwife supporting her, (after having a less than desirable birth with her first daughter (Sage) only 16 months earlier, and before learning about HypnoBirthing). She was also able to control the release of her placenta and did this all in only a few hours.

Adelaide Midwife

Whatever your circumstance and desired birth outcomes, Kristy Cook is the Adelaide Midwife and HypnoBirthing Practitioner for you.

By opening up the minds of expecting mothers to use Hypnobirthing techniques, Kristy inspires empowerment and choice for those women seeking the birth they deserve. Kristy can offer advice, information, referrals and skills on all things birthing related and excels at teaching expecting mums and their birth partners the techniques of HypnoBirthing which can be used in any birthing circumstance.

Learn more by discovering more of this website.

If you know of a woman – group – organisation that could benefit from Kristy’s skills and hearing about HypnoBirthing and preparing for birth in general, Kristy would be pleased to share her ideas with them. See contacts below.

What others think of HypnoBirthing Classes

A friend suggested doing a hypno-birthing class to eliminate all fear and tension associated with previous births, stories, and other people’s opinions. We instantly loved the technique and practised everyday with our relaxation and breathing exercises. Read More

“Thank you so much for this gift. We continue to reap the rewards everyday with our calm, secure, happy baby boy. We have a will continue to recommend your course to anyone who will listen.” Read more.

“I hypnobirthed successfully for the beginning of my labour at home resting in bed and listening to the affirmations for easy birthing and the rainbow relaxation. I even managed to get some sleep!” Read More.

Instinctual Birthing provides HypnoBirthing® education and Midwifery Services to women and their birth partners to provide a natural approach to a safe, easy and more comfortable birthing experience.

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